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Ryan Bemis, our acupuncturist. He is nationally certified by the NCCAOM and is licensed as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and as a supervisor for behavioral health programs that incorporate acupuncture in the state of New Mexico. The painting, behind him, is Meg Freyermouth’s “A fear of needles.” Ryan specializes in helping you overcome your fear of the acupuncture needle!

Your safety is our oath. Our clinic follows all local and CDC guidelines. We will never sacrifice your safety for our profit. We screen all patients ahead of time and require everyone wear masks that come to the clinic.

We practice social distancing throughout your time of care, and when we actually put needles in, our acupuncturist, Ryan, wears a face shield. We are not afraid to close for periods of time when necessary to keep you and our community safe.

We encourage you to speak with your primary care provider and your family to determine whether or not it is safe to get acupuncture at this time during the Covid-19 pandemic. Stay safe out there!

We are committed to keeping our clinic going through grants, loans, and donations as we head into 2021. We are a 501-c-3 non-profit organization, and we have a Go Fund Me Solidarity Emergency Campaign to allow us to keep afloat through the pandemic. You can donate here.